To spread the word about I do 30, we’ve been planning a rather special event at Roskilde Festival. Roskilde Festival is the largest music and culture festival in Northern Europe and has existed since 1971. Every year its visited by over 75.000 people from all over Europe, so what better place to tell people what I do 30 is all about, and to encourage them to spread the word?

the camping area at Roskilde Festival

Today, Roskilde Festival opened its doors to the camp sites and the Climate Community area, which is where I do 30 is based. The weather is fantastic in Denmark right now, so a lot of people have already made the journey to Roskilde to start the party early, although the concert areas don’t open until Thursday the 2nd of July.

The I do 30 area

At the I do 30 area, we were ready to do laundry for all those dirty festival goers  – needless to say at 30°C – to demonstrate to everyone first hand that washing at 30°C  actually works. To really bring the message home about going from hot to cold, we’re also swapping warm beers for cold ones.

The I do 30 area

Our I do 30 team walks around talking to people, explaining to them the importance of making climate friendly choices in our everyday life, like washing on 30°C instead of 60°C.

Kim and Gregers from the I do 30 teamNina and Maria from the I do 30 team

We’re really overwhelmed by all the positive response we get from people; everybody wants to join I do 30 and do what they can to help our planet – so all in all, a fantastic start and first day at the festival.

For the coming week, we’re going to post articles to this blog and on our Facebook page about how things are going, about other climate initiatives, and interviews with guests at the festival, along with tonnes of pictures.

If you havent joined I do 30 yet, you can do this on our Facebook page or on

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